Mix with a spatula until the small pieces are all well distributed through the cream cheese. To a small cast iron skillet, add the block of cream cheese to the pan.

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Place on the grill and smoke for up to two hours.

Smoked cream cheese recipe sweet. Backyard smoking enthusiasts have taken to social media recently to share their own versions of smoked cream cheese: This cream cheese creation is freakin’ amazing. Remove and allow to cool.

Place the cream cheese pan into the smoker and smoke for 2 hours. Then, as the facebook posts instructed, i made a nest out of foil and just popped the blocks on the smoker at 225 degrees fahrenheit (low and slow, baby!). I liberally seasoned one whole block of cream cheese with everything but the bagel seasoning and the other with a mccormick barbecue rub.

Next, combine 2 tablespoons of brown sugar with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Dried out cream cheese flakes? Next, he places the cream cheese in a smoker heated to 250 degrees fahrenheit for two to three hours, which results in a gooey block of goodness.

How to smoke cream cheese on a pellet grill: Roll the unwrapped block of cream cheese around in the spice blend, to coat it evenly on all sides. Backyard smoking enthusiasts everywhere have been making this summer smoked cheese and now we know why.

You can serve with pretzels, a baguette, apple slices, animal crackers and more! Since this can be made to be sweet or savory (or sweet & savory), the possibilities are endless. How to make smoked cream cheese dessert:

I, like anyone in the digital world, can be skeptical of some new food trends. Line your pan with aluminum foil and add your block of cream cheese to the center. Smoked cream cheese the oven method:

Sprinkle the rub on top of the block. I admit i had my doubts. He places it on a sheet of aluminum foil, brushes it with olive oil, then coats it with barbecue rub.

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Serve it with apple slices, pita chips, bagel chips, pretzels bites, or dippable cookies such as crunchy sugar cookies. Make some 1/2 inch thick scores on the top of the cream cheese. Put the seasoned and scored cream cheese on a pan and place it on your smoker set to 225° for about 2 hours.

Make a sweet version of the smoked cream cheese recipe for a fun twist. It should puff up slightly and be hot all the way through. Heat your oven to 210 degrees f.

As you can see, cream cheese is an exceptionally versatile ingredient and you can get super creative with it. Sprinkle mixture all over the cream cheese. Serve with a heavy cracker or pita chip and enjoy!

Take a sharp knife and score the top of the cream cheese in a diamond pattern. For another sweet option, use crushed pecans mixed with brown sugar or even brown sugar and cinnamon. A block of cream cheese covered with spices and a.

The sweet apples and the spicy jalapenos work extremely well together and balance each other out. Using a boning knife, slice angular lines to make crosshatches in your cream cheese. Top with optional pepper jelly or make it your own with you own topping.

Drizzle olive oil over top of cream cheese. Make a “plate” with tin foil to place the cream cheese on. It only requires 15 minutes of prep time making it an ideal dessert for after dinner.

Sprinkle with ranch seasoning mix. Get your smoker rolling smoke, and then turn it up to 200 degrees. Place the coated cream cheese block in a 9×9 disposable aluminum pan and smoke at 200 degrees.

Cook the cream cheese place the cream cheese in the smoker and smoke it for 2 hours. After removing the smoked cream cheese from the smoker, warm up a. Use a 9 x 9 pan and a 12 piece of aluminum foil to contain the cream cheese.

The sweetness of the apple chips also pairs quite well with the smokiness of the paprika. Serve with crackers, rounds of bread, pita chips, or even fritos! Once the cream cheese has turned a golden color and cracked at the top, it’s done.

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For the sweet brick, we mixed up some cinnamon and sugar. Smoked cream cheese is the viral trend smoking social media! The cream cheese expands while it smokes so this allows it the room to breathe and open up.

Use a paring knife to score the top of it in a crosshatch patter if desired. It may sound like a long time, but it’s exactly what you need to get your cream cheese that golden, crispy color that will make your mouth water. Coat the cream cheese in the rub on all sides, bottom, and the top.

In a popular video, tiktok user @bigksque explains how to smoke a block of cream cheese. “smoke at 250 degrees f. Place your cream cheese on the smoker, keep an eye on your pellets to avoid an air.

Now you can put this on a plate or in a dish but know the smoke may end up getting stained from the smoke itself. Get your smoker rolling smoke. Score your cream cheese (as shown in our video), then brush with oil and season with your favorite rub or seasonings of choice.

@bigksque uses blazing star pork’n rub and a pecan rub for a little bit of sweet. Transfer the cream cheese to a frog mat placed on the second shelf of the smoker, opposite the fire box. Put your cream cheese on some tin foil, and brush all sides with olive oil.

Place the cream cheese onto the foil and drizzle the oil on top. Lightly core your cream cheese in a diagonal pattern with a sharp knife. Add smoked cream cheese to a large mixing bowl.

Brush all sides of the cream cheese with 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive oil, then season generously with your favorite rub or seasoning mix,” she shared.

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