Carefully drop the shot glass into the glass of redbull (very important the shot doesn't spill), and you are done. How to make vegas bomb shot.

Jaeger Bomb Drink Recipe With Pictures Jaeger Bomb Bomb Drinks Food Pictures

Fill the rest of the double shot glass with cranberry juice.

Original jager bomb recipe. Christmassy condiments like cinnamon and cloves add a special flavor to the delicious winter drink. Posted by jager bomb connoisseur @ 12:54am, 7/08/07 red bull is good but expensive, von dutch is good but too potent as an energy drink to keep you going through the night and not feel like sh!t, rock star works but the original is the worst; 1/4 large can of redbull.

Juice or diet rock star is a tasty treat. Fill a shot glass with jagermeister. Jagermeister herbal liqueur, red bull energy drink.

A jägerbomb is usually sold with a can of red bull or an equivalent energy drink, poured into a pint glass and accompanied by jägermeister in a shot glass. Please note all recipes and articles on this site are for entertainment and general information only. Add a shot glass of jagermeister, and chug.

Serve over ice to keep the drink cool as you enjoy it. The classic recipe for the vegas bomb cocktail is: With the bomber cup you do not need to worry about over pouring, therefore keeping every drinks taste.

Pour crown royal into a glass, and top off with red bull. The jager bomb is originally a mixture of red bull and jagermeister, both being popular products, although it's increasingly common for other energy drinks to be substituted for the rb. Combine the crown royal, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker with a couple of ice cubes.

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It’s straightforward and saves you the mess of making and shooting a bomb shot. The glass of jägermeister is dropped into the red bull by the bartender or the customer. 1 full can of red bull poured into a 14oz pint glass;

The original red bull blaster recipies the original red bull blaster. I wanted more jager taste. Sometimes called a cherry bomb, this tall drink combines a shot of crown royal whisky and a nearly full glass of red bull energy drink.

The original recipe (for the cake part) called for 3/4 cup redbull, not 1/2 cup redbull and 1/4 cup jager. Pour the red bull halfway into your rocks glass. With the emergence of all the new \'energy drink\' shots, this reusable bomber cup is exactly what is needed!

Pour red bull into a medium sized glass. Drop the shot glass into the mixing glass and. In a double shot glass, add crown royal, followed by malibu and peach schnapps.

The bomber cup is a patented two chamber cup that separates the two beverages until you tilt it up and enjoy your shot.

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