See more ideas about cheese toast recipe, cheese toast, toast recipes. As mentioned earlier, this is an indian version of cheese toast recipe and i have added garlic and capsicum which suites the indian taste buds.

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Put the other 2 slices on top.

Cheese toast recipe indian. Place over baking tray lined with butter paper. Then, sprinkle some grated cheese on the toasted side. In a bowl mix the cheddar cheese, onion, chilli, chopped coriander, ground coriander and salt together.

Moreover cheddar cheese is used in this recipe but i. If using frozen corn, remove from the freezer before you start prepping the other. Also add ½ tsp cumin powder, ½ tsp chilli powder, ½ tsp.

Preheat the oven to 180 °c or 350 °f and then place the bread slices in a tray and place them in the oven. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°c (400°f) for 15 minutes. Course dinner, lunch, lunch/snack, snack cuisine british, indian keyword cheese toast, cheese.

Firstly, in a large bowl take 2 potato, 1 tsp ginger paste and 1 chilli. Cut the masala cheese toast diagonally. In this the bread is loaded with a lot of ch.

Serve spicy masala cheese toast immediately with tomato ketchup. Meanwhile spread cheese over the bread slices to cover it with layer of cheese. First spread butter only one side of the bread slices.

If you do not have an oven or are looking for a quick alternative then place the masala cheese toast on a hot tava, cover and cook till the cheese melts. 300 cheese toast ideas in 2021 | cheese toast, indian snack recipes, indian food recipes vegetarian. This is a popular indian recipe for cheese on toast and it will be ready to eat in 5 minutes.

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For making cheese chilli toast on a tava. Transfer the toasted bread to a plate. Then facing the buttered side on the pan or tawa, lightly toast the bread.

Cut each in half and serve with more chutney, if. Toast till golden color and crispy in low to medium flame. The cheesy taste will attract kids and make them eat veggies along with cheese with great pleasure.

How to make aloo cheese toast sandwich with step by step photo: We have added garlic to this chilli cheese toast recipe but its completely optional. Immediately, place the bread on the tawa (empty side downwards).

Sprinkle chopped chilli over it evenly as per your spice requirement. Layer the cheese thickly on the untoasted side of the bread. Grill until the cheese has.

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